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Come and join the Ardeer and Sunshine West Community and show your support for putting the powerlines underground. Sunday 7th November 1pm, Ardeer Community Park, Forrest St. Click here for more information.


Adele Carles - Stunning Result in Fremantle By-Election
The Victorian Greens congratulate The Greens (WA) and candidate Adele Carles who has won an historic by-election in Fremantle.
Adele made history on the evening of Saturday 16 May 2009, becoming the first ever Greens candidate to win a Lower House seat in any State Parliament in Australia.
It is the first time the Greens have beaten the ALP on primary votes. And we're looking forward to many more such occasions.
“The people of Fremantle have put the port city on the map, giving the Greens their first seat in the WA Legislative Assembly,” Adele said at the election night party.
“This is a victory for democracy. We have forever shattered the two-party myth in Australia. The voice of the community has finally come through in Fremantle. People have dared to look beyond the old parties which have continually let us down. It has shaken the dominance of the old parties and sends a strong message around the country that people are ready for change. What we have seen tonight makes history, but it is also the shape of the future. Fremantle is going to be Australia’s first truly green city.”

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