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Meeting Procedure Local Law - rescission motion defeated
Unfortunately my rescission motion was defeated last night. This now means that every motion I put forward has to have a seconder when I lodge it with the CEO!

I lodged this rescission motion, because I believe these changes are grossly undemocratic.
And I was hopeful that at least some councillors would show enough respect for democracy and the community that elected me and agree to throw out this undemocratic move.

With the whole of Victoria watching Brimbank and the conduct of Brimbank Councillors, we need to demonstrate that we are a democratic Council making transparent and accountable decisions.

Motions may fail in the chamber but at least Councillors should have the right to raise the issues and debate them. Under this law that will be so much harder.

No other Council I am aware of has a local law that requires a notice of motion to be seconded on lodgement. The sole motivation for this amendment must be to prevent the minority voice from being heard at Brimbank and I have to ask why would you want to do that…who is trying to gag me?

The minority I might be, but what I have to say is no less important - and the truth often rests with the minority

I believe this move is an obvious attempt to stifle independent opinions and silence debate the only non-Labor councillor, it is clear that this is aimed at preventing me from moving any motions and raising issues in the community interest.

Councillors are meant to act in the community interest. Unfortunately it seems that some other councillors are more interested in silencing community issues. Have they not learnt anything from the Ombudsman’s report?

Click here to see the rescission motion I put to the chamber and my speaking notes

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