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Brimbank Council sacking - the real reason is to stop opposition to Westlink

It appears the real reason the Brimbank Council has been sacked is so that the Brumby Government can further their agenda to build the Eddington Tunnel and help big businesses get freight from the port easily across Melbourne.

The democratically elected council, including Greens Councillor Geraldine Brooks was elected with 27% of the vote in response to the growing anger at ALP self interest in Brimbank , and now they have been sacked

Meredith Sussex, one of three newly appointed administrators to Brimbank Council has just come from a Directorship at the Department of Transport.

But - It gets better!

Meredith's role was to ensure the implementation of the Eddington Report!

The state Labor government could have sacked Brimbank Council any time in the last 18 months given the level of evidence it had provided by the Ombudsman's report, but it chose not to.

It was trying to leave the problem alone and see if it would die a natural death.

Then, the Greens came along and started raising publicly many of the issues our community were getting upset about like a civic centre to be built on a public park, a dirty big road to be built through homes in West Sunshine and housing developments to be built where there is not enough community facilities and keeping them constantly in the media. All of a sudden Brimbank had to go!

If they think these issues are going to go away, they have a nother think coming. Despite many in our community being told by members of the department of transport that their houses will be safe, they have not ben given information about the route and even if the road was to go through factories instead - we do not want this road! We do not need this road, and our community are not buying it!

Brumby is on record as saying that he intends to implement Eddingtons proposal to construct a tunnel from Clifton Hill ( the start of the eastern freeway) through to the Western Ring Road - and it appears this is exactly what he intends to do - regardless of the communities that will be destroyed by it in the process.

We have to stop him. And the only way we can stop him is by working together.

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